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Our fragrances are all 100% natural blends of essential oils, absolutes, botanicals and natural grain alcohol. We use ingredients sourced from around the world and mix them with native New Zealand essential oils to create unique, safe, natural fragrances.


Our fragrances are 100% natural and original, cruelty free, tested on ourselves, not our pets! They don't contain the nasty synthetics which often give negative reactions like rashes, headaches etc.


 We use certified natural oils and create our own original scents in small batches, hand made with love right here in Aotearoa.


The Queen of flowers.


Opening with blackcurrant goji berry and rooibos.

The beauty of 1000 roses, all nestled in a bed of cedarwood with the distinct smell of pencil shavings.


Created listening to hip hop, there is nothing old fashioned about it!
Wear if you have a soul for the classics but act like a boss!

Top Notes: Blackcurrant bud, Goji Berry, Red Mandarin, Raspberry Leaf & Rooibos.


Mid Notes: Rose Centifolia, Rose Damascena & Bergamot.


Base Notes: Benzoin, Rosewood, Virginian Cedarwood & New Zealand Totara.

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A playful, magical blend of Tannic Tea, Earthy ancient resins & a good dose of spicey Pink pepper corns.


Jasmine, Mimosa, Clary sage & Harakeke create a bright mid note that is tinged with the greenness of spring time.


Fresh and lively yet precious and complex.

Top Notes: Black Tea, Clary Sage, Green Tea, Harakeke & Pink Peppercorns


Mid Notes: Iris Rhizomes, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Jasmine Sambac,

Mimosa & Ylang Ylang


Base Notes: Amberette, Australian Sandalwood, Elemi & Opoponax

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honey bee

Delicate little white flowers that pack a punch, luring the honey bees to do their bidding.


Paired with the raw dirty scent of Vetiver and comforting Vanilla, playing off against each other.


The tartness of Citrus and the Sweetness of Honey.


Heady, warm & intoxicating

Top Notes:

Bitter Orange, Honey & Mandarin


Mid Notes:

Gardenia, Kowhai, Neroli, Orange Blossom & Sambac Jasmine


Base Notes:

Beeswax, Benzoin, Madagascar Vanilla, Peruvian Balsam & Vetiver

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shiso verte

A Japanese inspired unisex fragrance - vivid, crisp & refreshing.


Zesty yuzu paired with the freshness of shiso leaf, mint & cucumber.


This green blend is anchored with a touch of lavender. Drying to amber & Japanese hinoki wood.


Creating a sense of umami.

Top Notes:

Black Pepper, Cucumber, Mint, Shiso & Yuzu


Mid Notes:

Bergamot, Lavender & Orris Root


Base Notes:

Amber,  Atlas Cedarwood, Hinoki & Kawakawa

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Spice Souk

Calling to mind the spice souk's of Morocco.


This unisex fragrance opens with a warm, rich blend of exotic​ dry spices - enveloping you in familiar, comforting aromas slowly giving way to damask rose, vetiver & soft sandalwood.


This fragrance will take you back in time to foreign lands & ancient trading ports.

Top Notes:

Caraway, Cardamom, Clove, Horopito, Lemon & Nutmeg


Mid Notes:

Bergamot, Cinnamon, Rose Damask & Tobacco Leaf


Base Notes:

Cedarwood, Labdanum, Sandalwood & Vetiver

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Born on the shore of a calm, sun kissed beach, the Pacific Ocean on the horizon and the shade of a Pohutukawa tree providing relief from the summer heat.


Mystic Gypsy encapsulates the New Zealand summer in a way that will evoke memories only a natural perfume can.


With notes of Vanilla, Honey Suckle, Oud and Pohutukawa, this fragrance will give you the feeling of tranquility found on Aotearoa's east coast, the warmth or being wrapped in a blanket and the positive energy found at Tapapakanga, the spiritual home of our Mystic Gypsy.

Top Notes:

Cardamom, Ginger


Mid Notes:

Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine Sambac, Pohutukawa


Base Notes:

Amber, Benzoin, Incense wood, Oud, Peruvian balsam,

Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vanilla Absolute

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Brings to mind a spring breeze, with the light filtering through the trees. New beginnings, flowers opening.


Herbaceous with sparkling citrus notes, newly opened roses, jasmine

and a touch of creamy tuberose.


Sitting on a base of frankincense and delicious tonka bean.

Top Notes:

Basil, Citrus, Thyme


Mid Notes:

Orange Blossom, Rose, Tuberose


Base Notes:

Frankincense, Tonka Bean

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Leather, wood and smoke - a boozy blend of ancient woods and resins. Sweetened with Peruvian balsam and precious blue lotus.


This fragrance will take you to the temples of asia, smoky and woody this is a rich, resiny unisex blend that has warm notes of peaty whisky and incense.

Top Notes:

Cedar, Guaiac


Mid Notes:



Base Notes:

Agarwood (oud), Amber, Benzoin, Manuka Honey Absolute

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A relaxed, beachy scent inspired by the beautiful Indonesian island Bali, the island of the gods.


Like a warm coastal breeze weaving through rice paddies, & lush rain forests.


A top note of pink peppercorns, heart notes of Champaca, Frangipani, & Lotus flower, rests on a base of Tonka bean, Sandalwood, Coconut & Rice which lends a creamy, nutty aroma to this rich tropical floral blend.

Top Notes:

Pink Peppercorns


Mid Notes:

Champaca, Frangipani, Jasmine Sambac, Lotus


Base Notes:

Ambrettolide, Basmati Rice, Coconut, Labdanum,
Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

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Our samples are available as a complete set, or individual 1ml vials. Please note that these prices don't include shipping, and ordering a full set is more economical than ordering smaller quantities.

Our full sample pack includes 1 of each of our natural perfumes, in a 1ml vial, presented in a cotton bag.

After purchasing one of these through our website you will be sent a review request with a code to upgrade to a larger bottle at a discounted rate.

A great gift idea, and a great way to test out all of our perfumes before deciding on your future scent.


Note: Our sample packs are subject to change due to phasing out of discontinued, or special edition scents.


Our gift packs come in three different options. The floral gift pack features our 3 more feminine scents (Wood Rose, Little Doll & Honey Bee).


The unisex gift pack features our three most popular unisex scents (Ash Oud, Shiso Verte and Spice Souk).


Our citrus gift pack features our citrus blends (Honey Bee, La Lumiere and Shiso Verte).

10ml combo with LEATHER case  by "THE KNOT"

Special edition, hand-made leather case by "The Knot Leather". This makes a great travel case, and presents beautifully as a gift for that special someone that loves natural perfume and hand-made products.


Comes as a 3x10ml sized case, or 5x10ml case - with either 3 or 5 10ml bottles of your choice. Price includes your choice of perfumes.