I'm Amber, creator of Circe Natural Perfume. One could argue I have been a perfumer all my life…


As a little girl I used to mix ‘potions’, combining talcum powder, leaves, flowers and water in little jars and present them to my family as perfumes. When I grew older I studied wine making and worked in vineyards, labs, and later in restaurants as a sommelier, this gave me a well educated palate and trained my sensory evaluation.


I traveled the world taking in the sights, sounds and scents, and came home with a new purpose, to create my own unique perfumery. However I have given up the talcum powder for some of the best and most beautiful natural essences available from around the world - flowers, spices, woods, resins and mosses. Creating beautiful perfumes without nasty synthetics.


I wanted to make perfume honest again. I believe everyone should experience the aroma rather than be overpowered by it. My natural essential extracts and absolutes are subtle, seductive, and safe.


What makes Circe unique? Whats better than the smell of fresh cut grass in spring, mixed with the sweetness of a tiny pungent nasturtium flower, or ripe feijoa's, blended with the damp leaves and late blooming roses of Autumn?


Many New Zealand plants and flowers are completely unique. Their scents have never been used in perfume before. I have been trialling our natives with some fantastic results.


What’s wrong with your perfume?

Many perfume houses in the old world are now using large quantities of synthetic scents in their blends. Those that have been tested have been proven to cause birth defects, hormonal imbalances and even cancer. Many haven’t even been tested for safety yet!

Shocked? So was I. This is why I think it is important to use natural products in Circe blends.


Our aim is to produce high-end, natural perfume using unique scents from New Zealand, and around the world.


Nature is the master perfumer, we just blend it with love, naturally.